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Round the Island - MUG Race - Miami-Key Largo


1997 Round the Island Race

The 1997 Round Island Race was held on Saturday September 20th. 1997. The race is a 110 mile sprint around Santa Rosa Island on the Florida Gulf Coast.
The race started at 7:30 am with 79 competitors and 5-12 Mph winds from the north east at Ft. Walton Beach Florida. After a short 5 mile trip to Destin Florida the competitors headed south through the channel and into the Gulf of Mexico. Upon reaching the Gulf of Mexico and rounding the Whistle Buoy the fleet headed west for Ft. Pickens, 55 miles down the Florida coast.
Around 9:30 am the wind died to almost nothing and the race slowed to a snail pace. The top five boats in the fleet were near Navarre Florida when the wind died, an ARC-22 and RC-30 were in the lead and almost out of sight. At 10:30 am the wind started to fill from the south at 8-10 Mph. The wind remained steady for the remainder of the day and into the evening when it started to build again. At Ft. Pickens, the half way point in the race, the lead boats include an ARC-22 with a spinnaker, a RC-30 with a spinnaker, and two stock ARC-22's.
After passing Ft. Pickens the remainder of the race is a 50 mile run up the Intercoastal Waterway, a challenge of narrow channels, shallow water and three bridges. The competitors started finishing in the late afternoon and continued well into the early hours of Sunday morning. Competitors who were still on the water in the evening hours benefited from a steady 12-15 Mph wind, something many of the earlier competitors never saw.

Open Class

Finish Skipper Modifications Boat Sail # Finish Time
1 Harkrider/Zurn all carbon/ spinnaker ARC-22 2210 16:14:02
2 Roberts/Coloquet carbon hulls, mast / spinnaker RC-30 3030 16:57:30
3 Kelly / Purcell spinnaker / square top N6.0 EX 168 17:53:48
4 Banks / Newberry spinnaker ARC-22 2218 18:10:28
5 Moody / Levi spinnaker / square top N6.0 EX 66 18:13:19

Stock Class

Finish Skipper Modifications Boat Sail # Finish Time
1 Haberman/Haberman none ARC-22 2212 18:35:10
2 Jennings / Knowles none ARC-22 22834 18:45:10
3 Sneed / Hiniki none N6.0NA 248 18:48:41
4 Ederer / Bond none N6.0 117 19:26:14
5 Kerby / Hinely none H21 58 19:29:09

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1997 MUG Race

The MUG Race is a annual long distance race from Palatka Florida to Jacksonville Florida on the St. John's River. The race is hosted by the Rudder Club of Jacksonville. The 1997 MUG Race was held on Saturday May 5th. with winds that brought the competitors within minutes of the record held by Bill Roberts on a RC-27.

Finish Skipper Boat Finish Time
1 Doug Harkrider ARC-22 12:00:43
2 Jeff Bowers Mystere 6.0 XL 12:16:21
3 Robert Onsgard Nacra 6.0 12:16:39
4 Rick White Nacra 6.0 12:23:03
5 Bruce Powers Hobie 20 12:24:18

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1997 Miami-Key Largo Race

The Miami-Key Largo is a 42 Mile distance race hosted annually by the Miami Yacht Club. The 1997 Miami-Key Largo race was held on Saturday April 26th. There were 253 entries, of which 212 finished. 93 of the finishers were multihulls, 70 of which were classified as beach cats. The wind was fast and brought Eric Roberts within minutes of the 1 hour 45 minute record set by Bill Roberts on his RC-27 in 1989.

Finish Skipper Boat Elapsed Time
1 Eric Roberts RC-30 1:54:44
2 Dan Lawrence Nacra 6.0 SX 2:00:22
3 Steve Allen Shockwave 37 2:03:38
4 Clive Mayo Nacra 6.0 SX 2:04:15
5 Hans Barth Tornado 2:06:58

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