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Round The Island - MUG Race - Miami-Key Largo Race - Steeplechase

2005 Round The Island

The race is a 110 mile sprint around Santa Rosa Island on the Florida Gulf Coast. The 25th edition of the Round the Island Race started Saturday Sept 17th at 7:00 am with 26 teams entered. Congratulations go to Mike Kelley on his ARC-22 for being the first to finish at 4:37pm.

Finish Skipper / Crew Boat Elapsed
1 Kelley / Dowell ARC-22 9:37:42
2 Tierney / Brew RC-27 9:59:51
3 Lambert / Livingston CFR-20 10:07:26
4 Murray / Herendeen Nacra 20 10:09:03
5 Moody / Wilburn ARC-22 10:18:47

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2005 MUG Race

The MUG is a 38 mile distance race from Palatka to Jacksonville Florida on the St. John's River hosted by the Rudder Club of Jacksonville. For the 6th year in a row the MUG Race utilized a reverse handicap start and awarded the coveted MUG Cup to the first boat to cross the finish line. Because of extremely light winds only three boats managed to make it to the finish line.  Line honors and the coveted MUG Cup went to Mike Tierney on his RC -27  for finishing in 8:59:46.  Lloyd Beery came in second place on a SuperCat 20, finishing 1 hour later. Congratulations guys for hanging in there and making it to the finish line!

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2005 Miami-Key Largo Race

The Miami-Key Largo is a 42 Mile distance race hosted annually by the Miami Yacht Club. The 2005 race was host to 50 beach cats. This years race brought poor wind conditions that were unsuitable for challenging the 16 year old record of 1 hour 45 minutes set by Bill Roberts on his RC-27 in 1989.

Finish Skipper Boat Elapsed Time
1 Roberts RC-30 4:41:00
2 Phillips M20 5:12:58
3 Tierney RC-27 5:15:46
4 Schieffer M20 5:19:34
5 Livingston Tornado 5:25:46

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2005 Steeplechase

The Steeplechase is a two day, 120 mile distance race that is held in the Florida Keys.  The first day is 60 miles, and the second day is 60 miles in the Florida Keys with steeplechase challenges over mud flats and through mangrove forests. This year the race produced extremely light winds and was a test of patience for many of the competitors.   Eric & Bill Roberts on an ARC-22 lead the fleet both days and in the end won the race on both elapsed and corrected times.

Finish Skipper Boat Elapsed Time
1 Roberts ARC-22 14:02:23
2 Phillips M20 14:38:23
3 Lambert CFR-20 14:38:36
4 Casey Nacra 20 15:27:52
5 Titcomb Nacra 20 16:37:59

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